My little brother is off to Japan to treat himself for his birthday this year. It’s got me thinking. We did a lot of travelling as a family when I was a child. We lived in England for 18 months and did side trips around the UK in the summer holidays. We visited my dad’s European friends from when he was an exchange student back in his high school days. We visited far flung family members on the way back to Australia. It developed my love of change, new experiences and travel to foreign climes at an early age. Charles and I went back to the UK for Christmas in 2005 when my Dad was living there, before we got married.

Pretty much since Charles and I met, we have talked about going on the Trans-Siberian Railway for our 10th anniversary. It was never decided whether that would be our 10th wedding anniversary or our 10th anniversary of meeting.

Today is our 10th anniversary of meeting and we had discussed making the trip in October this year (our 9th wedding anniversary) as we figured the Autumn weather would be pretty awesome for a trip across Europe and down through China. Also, my older brother and his family are living in China at the moment, so it would be a great chance to catch up with them.

Now the time has come to start planning the trip, I’m in two minds about it. I’d still love to go; it’s not somewhere I’ve been before and I love train travel over massive distances. On the other hand, peak oil is upon us and I can’t honestly justify increasing my carbon footprint by such a huge amount to get to the start of the journey (either St Petersburg or Beijing depending on which direction we travel). I know that the plane will go whether I’m on it or not, whether it’s full or not; I know that the train will run too. But at a time when I’m trying to cut down on my driving to help reduce my carbon footprint and fossil fuel use, I don’t think we’re going to head overseas any time soon.

What are your thoughts on international travel? Do you class it a need or a want? Does it make a difference if it’s for business?